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The Tags
The Tags Guardian Link-it Access



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The Tags

Link-it Tags actively transmit a Radio Frequency signal at regular intervals. The transmission is encrypted for the utmost security.They have a long life of up to 5 years. The data transmitted includes the Tag ID, Tag life counter, various alarm conditions and several other controls.

Size : 61mm x 30mm x 9mm (normal enclosure) and 86mm x 54mm x 5mm (Slim enclosure).

The Readers

These microprocessors receive encoded data from the tags and transfer it into a buffer unit or directly into a computer. The Reader can register multiple tags simultaneously. Multiple Reader Repeaters can be used to extend range and thus provides an inexpensive alternative to cable installations. The Multifunction Reader decodes incoming data and ensures data integrity before sending such data onto the Reader Network. It features up to 254 Reader Addresses, communications error checking, low power consumption and encoded data transmission. Size : 84mm x 40mm x 19mm

The Buffer.

Receive and store data from Readers and transfer it to a host computer on request. Should the communication fail, the data will be stored in the onboard memory. It processes and stores incoming Tag data in order to prevent data bottlenecks within the system. It can store up to 2000 tag transactions and is externally programmable

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