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Link-itTM PC Access System

The “Link-It” System is a combination of a “Link-It” Tag Reader, a “Link-It” Slimline Tag, and a Software package, providing the user with an integrated logical access control system for Windows based computer workstations.

The “Link-It” System Reader connects directly to an available serial port on the computer. The Reader detects the presence of all “Link-It” compatible Active Tags within its read range. Each “Link-It” Tag has a unique identity number, allowing the “Link-It” Software to recognize a specific Tag. Once the Reader detects the Tag, access to the computer is enabled. As soon as the Tag is not longer detected (person wearing the Tag has moved away from the computer), the “Link-It” Software disables computer access. In this mode the computer becomes inoperable until such time that the authorized Tag has once again been detected


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