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Link-it Access

Integrating state of the art active RFID transmission technology with intuitive, robust software, SETI Software provides real-time solutions for tracking and managing assets, personnel, access control and security.


We put you back in control of your resources!


Control Dangerous access zones

Tracking of personnel in secure or dangerous areas, such as in mine blast zones-Account for every person before blasting is allowed to commence - Automatically!

Monitor your assets

Tracking the movements of assets, insuring that items allocated to specific personnel are moving with the correct person. If a laptop with an embedded tag is detected leaving the building without its linked owner, raise the alarm. This laptop is probably being stolen! (No use trying to remove the tag either-there is a tamper mechanism which will raise the alarm…)

Secure your valuables

Insuring that items of high value like paintings are not tampered with, using ultra sensitive movements tags. If a priceless painting is being touched, the ultra sensitive movement switch will trigger an alarm.


Automatic Stocktake!

Stock Take without leaving your computer. You immediately know how many widgets are in stock, by simply looking at your computer. The readers pick up exactly how many items are in each room.

Track your fleet of vehicles

Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) in which the use of Link-it active technology in vehicle tracking adds a new level of security. Readers can be strategically placed at places like petrol stations and border posts, allow authorities to examine vehicles, legitimacy and license details.

And the list goes on ...

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